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Boundless SolutionsTM 
Admin Portal

Put the power of managing your mobile app content into your own hands.

What can the admin portal do for you?


Control Your Own Content

Manage the content within your organization’s Boundless Solutions™ modules without having to wait for a mobile app update.

Ease of Use

Add a new activity Challenge, manage your communities, or send push notifications all from one place.

Centralized Access

Enable different people from across your organization with role based access to view, edit, or publish content and generate reports.

Greater Collaboration

Need to get your participants hyped up for your big event? Contact our Customer Care team to find our more about our available Boundless Solutions Modules.

Boundless SolutionsTM  Admin Portal in Action

Your admin portal serves as a one-stop-shop content management solution for your organization. Let’s take a look at some of the primary features…

Manage Content and Settings

There’s a wide array of content and settings that your organization can build or edit within your mobile app: messages, push notifications, badges, announcement screens, sponsor logos, stories and more.

Access to Reports

Your admin portal also gives your access to key reports, including Boundless Fundraising® Dashboard reports for push notifications and mobile app adoption, as well as platform-specific reports. And if you have Boundless Motion™, you can access activity reports and challenge details.

Supported User Admins

Your organization’s designated supported user admins have the ability to publish new and updated content within the admin portal and edit other staff permissions within the portal. They also receive access to Charity Dynamics’ Customer Care through the Boundless Solutions™ Support Portal.

Implementation Support Options

If your organization would like support or guidance to take full advantage of your investment in Boundless Solutions we offer several Implementation packages – from digital strategy through to content creation and management. We are here to help.

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