Approach to 2017 EOY Fundraising

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Overview (0:46)

Challenges (0:49)

Results (1:23)

Boston Children’s Hospital, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Freestore Foodbank, Riley Children’s Foundation, and Save the Children all partnered with Charity Dynamics in 2017 during the most important fundraising days of the year.

Project Appoach

  • Developed strategies specific to unique goals of each client that included:
    • Running tests year-round or at start of year-end campaign to gather lessons learned before marquee fundraising days.
    • Stewarding new names from e-appends and other acquisition efforts to build up to their first true ask in November/December.
    • Increasing audience segmentation to better address constituents through their relationship with each organization (i.e. special strategies for mid-level or sustaining donors).
  • Charity Dynamics Web Development and Graphic Design/User Experience members teamed up to customize implementation to ensure strong delivery and great looking messages for all major email providers.
  • Strong project management, quality assurance procedures and emergency planning processes let clients relax about their email and web campaigns and focus efforts on other critical year end efforts.