Results from 2017 EOY Fundraising

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Overview (0:46)

Challenges (0:49)

Approach (1:07)

Boston Children’s Hospital, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Freestore Foodbank, Riley Children’s Foundation, and Save the Children all partnered with Charity Dynamics in 2017 during the most important fundraising days of the year.

Project Outcome

  • Charity Dynamics and clients worked together to hit end-of-year campaigns out of the park across the board:
    • Freestore Foodbank’s strong email and website channel performance resulted in a 52% increase YOY in total amount raised and a 51% increase in number of donors
    • Greater Chicago Food Depository eclipsed the previous year’s Giving Tuesday results with a 50% revenue increase YOY that came in 42% over budget; the rest of the year-end campaign raised 9% more YOY and was 18% over budget goal
    • Save the Children saw a 30% increase in end-of-year email revenue YOY and exceeded budget goals by 36%
    • Riley Children’s Foundation had a 24% increase in total amount raised online through the Gift of Hope year-end campaign and an 11% increase in number of donors
    • Boston Children’s Hospital Trust’s year-end campaign raised 19% more YOY; email was a key driver of Giving Tuesday revenue (79% of total) while website lightboxes drove December success (67% of total)