Digital Direct Response Fundraising

Unlock Donor Potential by Maximizing Your Digital Fundraising Channels

Charity Dynamics works in partnership with your organization to unlock the full potential of digital donors through online engagement via your website, email and social channels. Using our fundraising and technical expertise, we are ready to take your organization’s fundraising to the next level by complementing your existing team or with a full service approach to handling everything from start to finish.

Strategic Planning

Forecast digital revenue more easily and justify your investment with an annual plan that maximizes your potential.

Targeted Messaging

Leverage all of your digital channels including email, web and social, and target your constituent segments with the right message at the right time.

Inspiring Content and Design

Develop your unique voice while incorporating industry best practices for creative that captures the imagination and inspires giving.

Seamless Execution

Sit back and relax as we deliver on-time, accurate, and efficient execution for your campaigns all year round.

Measure and Maximize

Whether the results are from your latest A/B test or the final results from your campaign, we use data to continuously improve your performance and ensure the highest possible return on investment.

Tailored to Your Team

Our experts can work seamlessly to complement your existing team by bringing just the capacity or expertise you need. Or allow us to manage your campaigns from start to finish!

Featured Project Offerings

Building capacity within a nonprofit allows the organization to increase their overall fundraising and sustain that increased level of fundraising. When considering how to build fundraising capacity, four major questions need to be answered:  

  • What investments should be made?
  • How much will those investments cost?
  • What order should the investments be made in?
  • What is the total financial opportunity for the organization if those investments are made?

A fixed-fee digital capacity building project focuses these questions on online fundraising and digital communication channels and reveals the greatest opportunities for an organization in the digital space. This space can be defined broadly or narrowly depending on the needs and focus of the organization.  

Sustainers, also referred to as recurring or monthly donors, can provide a stable foundation of support for an organization looking to grow its fundraising base. These programs have grown in popularity over the last decade and sustainers are making up a larger share of nonprofit individual fundraising than ever before.

However, many organizations are losing out on the opportunity to raise even more money from this committed segment of donors by not asking those donors to increase their gift each year.

Charity Dynamics is making it easier to ask your sustainer donors to upgrade with a tested email engagement campaign strategy paired with a simple upgraded user experience that takes advantage of the functionality available through your constituent database.

Inbox placement and email deliverability are closely related concepts that help describe the rate at which emails are delivered to their intended recipients and whether those emails end up in the intended inbox or are filtered into a SPAM folder. Many factors can affect these two metrics such as content and design, segmentation and data quality, and email platforms.

Charity Dynamics retains strong awareness of email deliverability and inbox placement best practices and employs those best practices in support of major fundraising initiatives for organizations year-round. When key performance metrics indicate a possible issue with email deliverability and inbox placement, Charity Dynamics uses its expertise to diagnose and address the problem.

The inbox placement & email deliverability project offers nonprofits a way to better understand current inbox placement and deliverability performance, and identify areas for improvement & optimization.

Digital Direct Response Services:

  • Annual Fund Campaign Planning
  • Email Design and Development
  • Social Media Strategy, Design and Content
  • Campaign Management
  • Donation Form Design and Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Sustaining Giving Strategy
  • Inbox Deliverability Optimization
  • Web and Email Testing
  • Platform Assessment and RFP Management
  • Change Management
  • Campaign Reporting and Forecasting
  • Email Optimization
  • Lightboxes
  • Website Email Acquisition
  • Welcome Series
  • Donation Conversion

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Client Examples: Digital Direct Response Fundraising

Greater Chicago Food Depository: Sustaining Donors

Charity Dynamics helped the Greater Chicago Food Depository increase the number of sustaining donors who upgraded their monthly gift. We developed a personalized email series thanking sustainers for their support and inviting them to make a bigger impact by upgrading their recurring gift amount.

Save the Children: Marquee Email Testing

In an effort to learn more about their email audience and further engage constituents, Save the Children partnered with Charity Dynamics for a series of email tests to discover what would inspire people more: general, positive campaign language or hard-hitting facts and need statements.

Giving Tuesday 2017: Digital Effort

Charity Dynamics helped many clients to plan, build and execute successful — and in some cases, record-breaking — Giving Tuesday campaigns in 2017.

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Want to Talk Digital Direct Reponse Fundraising?