Digital Capacity Building Strategy Engagement

Partner with Charity Dynamics to discover the greatest areas of opportunity for your organization in the digital space.
Building capacity within a nonprofit allows the organization to increase their overall fundraising and sustain that increased level of fundraising. When considering how to build fundraising capacity, four major questions need to be answered:

  1. What investments should be made?
  2. How much will those investments cost?
  3. What order should the investments be made in?
  4. What is the total financial opportunity for the organization if those investments are made?

Digital Capacity Building focuses these questions on online fundraising and digital communication channels and reveals the greatest opportunities for organization in the digital space. This space can be defined broadly or narrowly depending on the needs and focus of the organization.

Discovery and Research Findings Documentation

Charity Dynamics will conduct a thorough discovery process that utilizes information gathered from a variety of sources to inform its final recommendations; those sources include:

  • Review of the current market landscape for solutions and emerging trends with potential to further revenue for client organization
  • Client interviews with stakeholders from across multiple roles / departments including Development, IT, Marketing, Communications, Events, and Direct Response among others
  • Client data sources including fundraising, participation, e-communication and google analytics data among others.
  • Available market studies and literature
  • Charity Dynamics institutional knowledge and research

The information gathered will be summarized and shared with the client as a key input for the recommendations that follow.


Capacity Building Road Map

Excel-based action plan detailing streams of activity and relative timeline of recommendations. In addition to the specific focus of the engagement, capacity building recommendations may include recommendations that impact the organization more broadly in order to bring the organization to the next level of operational, programmatic, financial, or organizational maturity.


Recommendation Detail Documentation

Document detailing each recommendation, including potential impact of each.


Executive Presentation

Executive-level summarization of findings and recommendations detailed in a presentation for organizational stakeholders.

Select the Package that Best Fits Your Needs

The digital capacity building model can be used broadly across an organization’s entire online fundraising program or tailored narrowly to a specific topic or program.


Dynamic Basic Dynamic Standard Dynamic Pro
Single Focus Area /
Incremental Fundraising Improvements (10% – 25% growth)
Multi Focus Area / Rapid Growth Full Digital Program / Transformational Growth
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Post Engagement Retainer

The best way for Charity Dynamics to support an organization following a digital capacity building engagement strategy is through a retained services agreement. Retainers start at 10 hours per month and are sized based on the actual needs of the client.


Limitations of Service

The engagement leverages the insights gathered from participation by stakeholders at the organization as well as data available and provided by the client.

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