Inbox Placement & Email Deliverability Health Check

Partner with Charity Dynamics to optimize the performance of this key fundraising channel for your organization

Email Deliverability and Inbox Placement are closely related concepts that help describe the rate at which emails are delivered to their intended recipients and whether those emails end up in the intended Inbox or are filtered into a SPAM folder.

Many factors can affect these two metrics such as content and design, segmentation and data quality, and email platforms.

Why this Matters?

If your email lands in the recipient’s junk folder, or worse, is blocked from the recipient due to your Sender Rating, you aren’t able to acquire, engage or retain them. It goes deeper than this, of course. As the “sender”, if you regularly end up anywhere but the inbox you will experience a snowball effect on your Sender Reputation – it will steadily and rapidly get worse, resulting in a greater number of emails being blocked.

In Email Marketing your sender reputation is paramount. It is this that determines where your email will end up; the inbox earning revenue and pushing brand awareness, or the junk folder costing you dearly. In the early days of email marketing it was assumed that the Email Service Provider was in full control of a client’s email deliverability. Whilst this was never really the case, it is even less so in current world of email.

There is no silver bullet. You must work to maintain good email deliverability rates; there are no shortcuts.

Why Partner with Charity Dynamics?

Charity Dynamics knows that the actions that result in good inbox placement and email deliverability are the same actions that engage constituents more deeply and help raise more money for the organization.

Charity Dynamics retains strong awareness of email deliverability and inbox placement best practices and employs those best practices in support of major fundraising initiatives for organizations year-round. When key performance metrics indicate a possible issue with email deliverability and inbox placement, Charity Dynamics uses its expertise to diagnose and address the problem.

Goals of Solution

  • Understand current Inbox Placement and Deliverability performance
  • Identify area for improvement & optimization


  • Raise more money by using email file as effectively as possibly
  • Protect your organization from negative deliverability events that could affect your Sender Rating, and ultimately constituent engagement
  • Build organizational consensus around best practices for email engagement

Current State Review

Charity Dynamics will conduct a thorough review of your email performance history to uncover delivery and inbox placement issues and opportunities, including Word and Excel based assets documenting:

  • Traditional email metrics like bounce, open and unsubscribe rates, as well as spam reporting through new lenses such as email service providers, email segments and past constituent behavior
  • Recent changes to email list make-up or email segmentation that could impact performance
  • Current email practices that can impact performance – from subject lines to design and content
  • Email address acquisition and constituent onboarding practices with an eye to building a high-quality list
  • Current unsubscribe pathways and email preference center experiences
  • Organizational resources and expertise to stay ahead of changes in the industry

Results and Recommendations Presentation

Based on your specific risk factors and email management processes, Charity Dynamics will develop and deliver a power-point via phone/web-based session that describes discrete recommendations for improvement in email deliverability and inbox placement.

Recommendations may include actions such as:

  • Strategic changes to email frequency, segmentation or balance of cultivation and solicitation messages
  • Changes in email acquisition and early onboarding experience
  • Strategies for identifying segments at risk for becoming inactive and tactics for keeping those constituents engaged
  • Recommendations on design and content to maximize engagement
  • Recommendations on what element of GDPR make sense for your organization

Select the Package that Best Fits Your Needs

Our Inbox Placement & Email Deliverability Health Check can be tailored to fit the size of your database.

Dynamic Basic Dynamic Standard Dynamic Pro
Up to 100k emails Up to 1 Million emails More than 1 Million emails

Post Recommendation Retainer

The best way for Charity Dynamics to support an organization in inbox placement and email deliverability best practices, after the completed assessment, is through a retained services agreement. Retainers start at 10 hours per month and are tailored to your identified need.

Limitations of Service

Through our understanding of best practices, technology requirements, and your specific email deliverability goals, Charity Dynamics can recommend and execute activities designed to improve email deliverability and inbox placement. However, due to the complex and proprietary nature of third party email marketing systems and email service providers, Charity Dynamics cannot predict or guarantee specific results.

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