Peer-to-Peer Coaching Email Program

Partner with Charity Dynamics to develop an online marketing plan for your event program targeted at engaging and coaching participants to raise more.

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Participant coaching starts the moment someone registers for an event and continues until the event date and beyond. Your organization has a responsibility to ensure that every participant has the tools, information and inspiration they need to achieve fundraising goals that ultimately allows your organization to fulfil its message.

Usually achieved through a combination of autoresponders and segmented email messages, your coaching series should deliver the right call to action at the right time to drive fundraising performance throughout the event lifecycle.


Why this Matters?

The truth is that most P2P registrants do not know how to fundraise. Many are afraid of making the ask to friends and family. Some have tried and failed to meet their goals (in the past) so are hesitant to try again.

But the good news is that people want to be successful and help you achieve your mission through meeting fundraising goals. Through inspiring and directive communication, we can help them take their fundraising to new heights.


Why Partner with Charity Dynamics?

Charity Dynamics has helped many Top 30 peer-to-peer programs improve their individual fundraising averages and reach new fundraising heights. Through a data driven analysis of your own performance data as well as a strong understanding of industry benchmarks and best practices, we create custom communication plans, content and creative that give your constituents the tools they need to raise more money.


Goals of Solution

• Develop a comprehensive communication plan for constituents that drives increased fundraising
• Identify key segments and calls to action
• Inspire and educate participants to raise more money



• Improved fundraising performance of peer-to-peer participants

Charity Dynamics will develop an online marketing plan for an event program targeted at engaging and coaching participants to raise more. 

Discovery/Audit and Data Review

During this step, your strategic consultant reviews the complete set of messaging that a participant receives. This includes the performance of coaching emails, autoresponders, the audiences and segmentation used, the specific calls to action in each message, and the tone and themes used in the content.

Your strategic consultant will also dig into the data of your current program to determine where you are benchmarked against other organizations we work with as well as industry standards. We look at all aspects from data around where action is happening vs. where it’s not, to best practices on your current site. After we complete this comprehensive audit we begin the planning phase which ultimately becomes your master “eComm Plan”(Calendar, Copy & Implementation).


eCommunications Calendar

The eCommunications calendar, serves as a comprehensive document to demonstrate the complete message arc for a participan of the event. The excel based calendar will show the calls to action intended for each message, the audience and segmentation of each message, timing and total number of messages.


Visual Calendar

A visual calendar maps the complete coaching communication experience for participants. This calendar makes it easy to communicate the constituent experience to internal stakeholders.



A strategic consultant will prepare the written copy for each message as well as the copy of any supporting assets such as buttons or calls to action that are required for the emails. The copy is reviewed and revised with client feedback.

Charity Dynamics will utilize existing branding and styles to develop responsive stationary and internal email design assets such as graphics and buttons to be used throughout the autoresponders and coaching emails. Design can make a significant impact in the engagement with e-communications.



Charity Dynamics completes all implementation of new emails or updates to existing emails and autoresponders as required by the approved copy. We prioritize making emails mobile responsive to maximize their effectiveness, as this has become an industry standard/expectation. We test using an industry-leading testing tool in 3 desktop and 2 mobile browsers to ensure quality.

Select the Package that Best Fits Your Needs

Our Peer-to-Peer Coaching Email Program comes in three different variations. Select the option that best suites the needs of your organization.


Dynamic I Dynamic II Dynamic III
Discovery, Calendar & Visual Calendar

Discovery, Calendar & Visual Calendar

Add Creative

Discovery, Calendar & Visual Calendar

Add Creative

Add Implementation

Limitations of Service

The engagement will define the total number of emails and segments. Pricing is based on industry best practices – requests for additional segmentation or number of emails may increase pricing.

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