Platform Evaluation Services Offering

In the market for a new peer-to-peer technology product? Partner with Charity Dynamics and let the experts guide you through the selection process.

Charity Dynamics will engage with your organization to understand your specific business requirements and match those needs to the available ecosystem of technology platforms appropriate for the non-profit market.

Platform Evaluation

Charity Dynamics will conduct a thorough discovery process which utilizes information gathered from a variety of sources to inform its final recommendations; those sources include:

  • Review of the current market landscape for solutions and emerging trends
  • Information provided directly from third party vendors – both proprietary and publically available
  • Client interviews with client stakeholders from across multiple roles / departments including Development, IT, Marketing, Communications, Events, and Direct Response among others as defined by the strategy needs of the project
  • Client data sources including fundraising, participation, e-communication and google analytics data among others.
    Available market studies and literature
  • Charity Dynamics institutional knowledge and research

As a result of the discovery process, requirements will be developed through which technology solutions will be evaluated. Up to three recommendations will be developed along with their relative fulfillment of requirements, cost to organization, and timeframe for implementation. Each recommendation may include a suite of solutions from a single or multiple provider.


  • Kick-off Presentation detailing scope of platform strategy and evaluation, goals of engagement, and project timeline
  • Discovery interview summary documentation detailing interviews along with summary information to be used in final recommendations
  • Requirements Documentation – details requirements developed from discovery interviews as well as Charity Dynamics research and expertise
  • Platform Strategy & Evaluation Final Recommendations – a document detailing up to three platform options / or potential solutions with an assessment of their fulfillment of the document requirements and cost guidelines
  • Platform Strategy & Evaluation Executive Presentation – Executive level presentation summarizing finding of the engagement

Select the Package that Best Fits Your Needs

The platform strategy and evaluation model can be used broadly across a diverse set of organizational needs. Price should be adjusted based on the breadth and depth of the client’s need.



Dynamic I Dynamic II Dynamic III

Single Focus Area 

(P2P, Email, CMS) /
General educational overview of platform ecosystems

Multi Focus Area

(2-3 interconnected activities)  /
Complex single program (potentially CRM)


Organization-Wide Review

(May include accounting etc.) /
Complex multi-focus programs


Limitations of Service

Client to provide organizational information as needed: Including existing platform structures and aggregate data on constituent counts, fundraising, and financials, key audiences, current marketing and current platform expenses.

Client accepts that all pricing and product guidance provided by Charity Dynamics should be confirmed and negotiated with individual product vendors, and are not guaranteed.

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