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Introducing the Charity Dynamics Website Accessibility Audit

Website Accessibility Audit

Web Accessibility is the practice of ensuring that your website can be used easily by the widest audience possible. While much of the focus of web accessibility has traditionally been on ensuring that users with various visual impairments or other disabilities can access and utilize websites effectively, when properly addressed, web accessibility practices benefit all users.

Web Accessibility is most commonly assessed against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which provide specific guidance on how to achieve various levels of Web Accessibility – rated A, AA or AAA. In addition to improved user experience for all website users, web accessibility can also help to improve a site’s overall performance and search engine optimization.


Current State Review

Charity Dynamics Web Accessibility Experts conduct a thorough review of the organization’s website to identify web accessibility issues and opportunities. Using a combination of automated tools, manual testing and our own expertise on user experience and best practices, we assess opportunities for improvement in adhering to web accessibility best practices. Deliverables include:

  • Web Accessibility 101 Presentation: Introduction to Web Accessibility for client stakeholders and a Q&A session about the process that Charity Dynamics will use to evaluate your website and to complete the audit
  • Testing Plan: Word-based documentation detailing the testing process, including our use of accessibility testing tools
  • Summarized Results: Word-based documentation detailing the results of the testing plan and adherence to best practices

Results and Recommendations Presentation

Based on the accessibility testing, Charity Dynamics will develop and deliver a PowerPoint presentation that includes:

  • A review of the issues that were identified as measured against the WCAG guidelines
  • Recommendations and options for how to improve accessibility in each area
  • Assessment of level of effort and actions needed to achieve specific WCAG ratings
  • Strategies for maintaining adherence to accessibility guideline for future web updates

Select the Package that Best Fits Your Needs:


Single Page Small Website Large Website
1 Layout 3-5 Layouts 6+ Layouts
Appropriate for a single home or landing page Appropriate for a small website up to 35 pages or an event-focused website Appropriate for a large organization with multiple levels of site architecture and more than 35 pages
For pricing information, request a meeting with one of our team members For pricing information, request a meeting with one of our team members For pricing information, request a meeting with one of our team members

Post-Audit Recommendation

Based on the results of the audit, Charity Dynamics would be able to provide an estimated cost for design, content and web development services needed to achieve the specific recommendations.

Through our understanding of best practices, technology requirements, and the client’s specific web accessibility goals, Charity Dynamics can recommend and execute activities designed to improve web accessibility. However, due to the complex and proprietary nature of some third-party web tools, not all platform functionality can be made to achieve specific accessibility standards.

Furthermore, there is no definitive measure of web accessibility. Utilizing a combination of testing tools paired with our own testing and expertise, Charity Dynamics provides its best judgement in evaluating functionality against the WCAG guidelines.

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8 Tips for Improving Web Accessibility

One thing that gets overlooked, unfortunately, a lot with regard to web design, is accessibility – making sure that constituents, no matter what level of mobility or visual or audio impairment that they may experience, that they can experience your website and your content to the fullest extent.

There are a particular set of guidelines that’s the WCAG that the entire world has adopted as the standard [for web accessibility]. In addition to design considerations, technical consideration, there are things like the content itself that you are delivering that must be thought about and considered.

1) Some of those technical concerns include – labels for images to make sure that somebody who might not be able to see an image or photo on your website still receives the information that that image is designed to convey.

2) Making sure that any changes that happen on your webpage, that aren’t obvious to someone who might not be seeing your webpage are made clear to them through audio queues or other methods.

3) When it comes to design considerations, there are things like making sure there is enough white space on your page so that it’s easy to identify the content or where the user should be focusing their attention.

4) There are color contrast considerations – making sure you have enough contrast between the text and the background that the text is sitting upon.

5) Clear hierarchy in the design of the page, that makes is clear what the title of that page is, where the subheadings for that page exist, and which pieces of content should receive the most focus from a user that might just be skimming or scanning your page.

6) Content concerns would include – writing efficiently and clearly and making sure to not include a lot of flowery language that doesn’t help to get the point across.

7) It’s a fact that the donor base is a little older than the standard internet user base. And since that’s a key focus for our clients and the websites we build for them, it is so important to consider how those users will be accessing your site, and to make it as easy as possible for them to make a donation once they’ve decided they’re interested in doing so.

8) Our team can work with your organization to review your website, everything from color contrast to font size, to coding and syntax on the back end to make sure your site adheres to web accessibility guidelines. Not only from a best practices standpoint, but also where it might be required by law. Organizations in different areas are subject to legislation mandating some of these practices.

A properly accessible website is also a website that performs well, loads quickly, is designed well, and makes it very easy for your users to focus on the content and the message that is most is important for them to hear.