American Lung Association – Treks Across New England

Project Description

The American Lung Association of the Northeast takes pride in their Treks Across New England annual cycling events which feature some of the most beautiful views in New England, from the historic Seacoast in New Hampshire, to the wooded back roads in Maine, to the breathtaking dunes of Provincetown in Cape Cod. Seasoned or veteran cyclist can participate in the journey to not only improve their own health, but also the lives of those struggling with lung disease. Charity Dynamics collaborated with the Northeast charter of the American Lung Association to breathe new life into their TeamRaiser event websites to further cultivate just as much of a rewarding experience online as the rides themselves.

Project Details

Client American Lung Association
Skills Engagement, Fundraising
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  • Attract users to take clear, concise and compelling actions.
  • Increase conversion for registered participants to fundraising online.
  • Make the site invigorating to both endurance enthusiasts and those with a mission connection.
  • Emphasize the unique experience.
  • Improve user experience to support registered participants by making fundraising intuitive and as easy as possible.
  • Preserve brand consistency among events as much as possible.
  • Provide functionality for events to easily add local content while maintaining brand, without “breaking” responsive layout.


  • Comprehensive strategic analysis to establish cohesive goals, audience engagement paths, and define streamlined site architecture across each of the three cycling events.
  • Utilize best practices in responsive design, as well as TeamRaiser responsive registration and donation forms to enhance user experience across all devices.
  • Custom designed TeamRaiser development, including responsive participant centers centered around conditional user engagement achievements.
  • Cohesive branded, responsive companion stationery design.
  • Social sharing functionality integration throughout, as well as registration and donation conversions and Facebook commenting on personal and team pages.
  • Enhanced SEO rankings by implementing appropriate meta data and Google Analytics tracking.


  • User experience focused, beautiful responsive design for enhanced registration and donation processes.
  • Streamlined website development to facilitate easy maintenance within the TeamRaiser product.
  • Relevant and engaging personalization to further enhance the connection constituents feel with this event and organization.

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