American Nurses Association

Project Description

Looking to expand their message and recruit new supporters, American Nurses Association (ANA) Dept. of Government Affairs partnered with Charity Dynamics to develop and deploy a robust annual campaign calendar for the 2012 presidential election year.

Project Details

Client American Nurses Association
Skills Boundless Fundraising, Strategy, Technology
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  • Expand ANA’s sphere of influence outside of existing supporters.
  • Empower supporters with resources and custom tools that enhance engagement.
  • Develop an integrated online/offline network-experience for nurses to share and connect.
  • Identify most engaged supporters and cultivate them to become strong ANA representatives.


  • Implemented the turnkey Boundless Voices™ application for Facebook with strategic customization and complimentary branding as ANA’s eAdvocacy Center.
  • Developed a 2012 Presidential Resource Center on ANA’s NSTAT microsite, providing constituents with insight into candidates’ political backgrounds related to nursing and healthcare.
  • Provided strategic planning for the development of a 2012 annual campaign calendar to integrate election-year engagement opportunities, fundraising appeals, “virtual” events, and Boundless Voices adoption among constituents.


  • Boundless Voices expanded ANA’s reach to a new engaged audience 2X removed from its internal housefile and directly contributed 37% of ANA’s membership growth.
  • Visits to ANA’s NSTAT microsite are up 68% compared to the same period last year.
  • Advocacy actions are up roughly 9% year to date, with 37% of advocates new to ANA.
  • With a holistic approach to ANA’s political agenda and annual strategy, Charity Dynamics helped design and deploy several cohesive campaigns.

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