Best Friends Animal Society: Participant Support

Project Description

The Best Friends Animal Society partnered with Charity Dynamics to provide seasonal support for their annual fundraising event, Strut Your Mutt.

Project Details

Client: Best Friends Animal Society Skills: Participant Support, Strategy, Fundraising


  • Provide seasonal support for 15 walks in different cities across a 4 month period.
  • Improve their online registration fundraising experience by utilizing user feedback.
  • Redirect participants inquires from the event management team to the support team.
  • Add length of previous of resolution time and remove one.


  • Worked with their internal staff through discovery sessions to ensure the Charity Dynamics Support Team had expertise knowledge in supporting the 15 walks with various event details.
  • Developed support reporting to capture user feedback and experience.
  • Implemented chat support that allows support anaylsts to handle up to 3 chats at once and offer direct support to participants without being routed through internal staff.


  • Over 1,500 participant support cases were handled directly by the support team which enabled the Strut Your Mutt events team to focus on their primary responsibilities.
    • Add average hours it saved their time.
  • Participants received assistance with quick turnarounds which allow network partners to move forward with their fundraising efforts more quickly.
    • Average chat wait time: 16 seconds.
    • Average email response time: 2 hours.

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