Boston Children’s Hospital Trust: Corporate Cup

Project Description

Charity Dynamics designed a new landing page and executed an e-communications campaign for Boston Children’s Hospital Trust’s Corporate Cup fundraiser. Corporate Cup, an adult field day for local businesses, had expanded from one location to three in 2018. Charity Dynamics is helping ensure that the participants have a great user experience, in addition to the motivation they need to become successful fundraisers. Boston Children’s Hospital Trust is committed to raising funds until every child is well.

To learn more, visit the Corporate Cup event page.

Project Details

Client Boston Children’s Hospital Trust
Skills Strategy, Engagement, Fundraising, UX Design


  • Update the online Corporate Cup user experience from a single event location to multiple locations.
  • Increase the number of participants that are actively fundraising and making self-donations.
  • Provide greater support to Corporate Cup Team Captains to help them with their own fundraising, as well as in coaching their team on how to achieve their fundraising goal.


  • Created a landing page that educates constituents on the Corporate Cup and how to get involved.
  • Identified the audience to better understand who we are writing for.
  • Created conditional content for Team Captains and Team Members.
  • Educated participants on why fundraising is important.


  • The user-friendly landing page highlights what the Corporate Cup is, presents both the total and top teams’ fundraising progress, and makes it easy to get involved.
  • A dedicated message calendar has been established with rationale behind send dates and calls to action.
  • TeamRaiser autoresponder follow-ups are used strategically so those who register further out know what is expected.
  • Dedicated Team Captain and engagement email series have been developed to further fundraising coaching efforts.

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