Personalized Fundraising for Boston Children’s Hospital Trust

Project Description

Boston Children’s Hospital Trust was looking to refresh and reconfigure its current Community Fundraising program to allow for personalized fundraising elements, and allow for explosive growth over the next three to five years. Critical considerations included the need for a select-select participant pathway, a turnkey operation that could easily implemented and maintained year-over-year, as well as making it scalable to ensure the Trust received a high return on its investment in the coming years.


  • Community Fundraising is the umbrella program for all of the Trust’s do-it-yourself and third-party fundraising activities. To have the best possible digital experience, participants require information, features and functionality specific to the event type.
  • The features and functionality requirements are also specific to the amount of funds raised, so the solution needed to be personalized by both event type and event size.
  • Connecting participants to the Trust’s mission is critical to their fundraising success. With DIY and third-party fundraisers conducted almost exclusively online through the Community Fundraising portal, it was important to ensure the solution provided a strong connection between participants’ fundraisers and the Trust.
  • The Trust has limited staff and resources so it needed a solution that was turnkey and scalable over time.


  • Conducted an audit of the current Community Fundraising program and a deep discovery of the Trust to uncover any potential barriers, as well as opportunities, to achieving the organization’s goals.
  • Developed a comprehensive strategy for creating a turnkey digital solution that addresses all key areas including platform recommendations and user experience design.
  • Implemented a turnkey digital solution that can accommodate a wide and changing variety of fundraising event types, as well as audience targeting, branding and creative, marketing (acquisition, retention and stewardship), and participant support strategies.


  • The resulting end-to-end Community Fundraising program now supports every touchpoint with current and potential fundraisers (and their donors), all while ensuring a constant connection with the Trust’s mission.
  • The program has successfully transitioned from a single Community Fundraising experience to a hub model that provides greater flexibility and customization and can accommodate much wider variety of event types and sizes.
  • To see the result in action, visit the Community Fundraising landing page.