City of Hope – Walk for Hope Content Strategy and Message Calendar

City of Hope is leading the fight against cancers unique to women through research, treatment and education. Your commitment to Walk for Hope will support City of Hope’s efforts to push the boundaries of science to advance research and treatments on behalf of women everywhere. The goal of this engagement was to envision content strategy and email design that supports how City of Hope envisions a future with out women’s cancers combined with strong call to actions for fundraising.


Project Details

Client City of Hope
Skills Strategy


  • Opens were stronger in 2016, click-through and fundraising actions are something we need to pay attention to and try to develop in the content.
  • Stationery has been the same for three walk seasons.
  • Need consistency on content, audiences and strategies with stronger attention to Team Captains and Survivors.


  • Move all messages to include impactful imagery, clean design and messaging.
  • Increased conditionalization based on “New” registrant vs “Returning” and Cancer Survivors
  • Small Team Captain series encouraging them in their role and how to lead their team.
  • Charity Dynamics will also keep in mind P2P best practices to better serve and educate fundraisers.


  • Identified new strategies to engage and activate constituents
  • Final document that includes personas, audience and tone to guide content and creative development
  • Detailed calendar of the cadence of the email sends and the main call to action

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