Easterseals Dixon Center – Website Redesign

Project Description

Charity Dynamics partnered with Easterseals Dixon Center to develop personas and a new design for their home page. Personas, representations of who visits your sites and what their needs are, really helped us focus on what should be included on their site and how we influence the experience someone has when learning about Easterseals Dixon Center and all services they offer.

Project Details

Client Easterseals Dixon Center
Skills Personas, Website, UX Design


  • Understand who is visiting the website and better understand what they needed from Easterseals Dixon Center.
  • How to better engage returning visitors and keep them coming back for more updates and news.
  • Make a bigger effort to explain and clearly articulate the differences between Easterseals Dixon Center, Easterseals, and Easterseals affiliates.
  • Have clear pathways to each of the affiliated Easterseals websites.


  • Create audience touch points in their e-newsletter, website, and all thank you pages to ask for feedback on what Easterseals Dixon Center is to them and why they visited the site.
  • Interview key stakeholders and staff to understand their administrative needs as well as their interpretations of audience and future website needs.
  • Review of Google Analytics to understand average time spent on site, most popular pages and referring websites.
  • Assessment of existing user experience on the website.
  • Wireframing to help define the information hierarchy of the home page.
  • Review of branding, tone, and feature needs to ensure accuracy on how to interpret information about Easterseals Dixon Center on the web.


  • Based on personas created for Easterseals Dixon Center, we created clear pathways on the website based on their goals when visiting the site.
  • Have up front and clear content to make sure it’s easy to understand what Easterseals Dixon Center does, what resources are available for site visitors, and how to get in touch for further discussions.
  • Dynamic news feeds added to the home page to allow for quick and easy maintenance of the home page.
  • Updated, cleaned up responsive design that draws in the audience and helps them understand the mission of Easterseals Dixon Center.

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