Feeding America – Give A Meal Team Challenge

Project Description

Feeding America works with corporate partners for their Give A Meal Team Challenge program, which means each new TeamRaiser needs to be up and running quickly once that partnership is solidified. Charity Dynamics has set up a template that allows for quick implementation of this event site. In this most recent event MINI USA also had a few special requests to help motivate their employees and fans to fundraise.

Project Details

Client Feeding America
Skills Strategy, Fundraising
View help.feedingamerica.org/site/PageNavigator/gamtc_splash_mini.html


  • Quick Turn-around
  • Updating fundraising statistics across the site
  • MINI wanted to allow the use of individual fundraising; all previous events have been team only
  • MINI wanted to include additional incentive page


  • Planned work carefully to meet all deadlines
  • Reviewed templated set up and reusable
  • Worked to add in individual registration as seamlessly as possible
  • Implemented additional incentive page


  • Met all deadlines and was ready for launch date
  • The site is up and running with a consistent message across its pages
  • The site now provides opportunities for individuals to fundraise as well as teams
  • The incentive page explains the badge system that can be earned for $$ raised

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