Freestore Foodbank: Rubberduck Regatta 2018

Project Description

Charity Dynamics delivered the campaign strategy, copy and design elements for Freestore Foodbank’s 24th annual Rubber Duck Regatta in Cincinnati, Ohio. One hundred percent of rubber duck purchases go directly to serving Freestore Foodbank’s mission of providing meals for hungry children in the community. The organization comes to Charity Dynamics with the annual event theme and we make it come to life in the email copy and content. The 2018 campaign was “out of this world” as donors were encouraged to help feed children in need by purchasing ducks to launch into “hydro-space” (aka the Ohio River).

To learn more, visit rubberduckregatta.org.

Project Details

Client Freestore Foodbank
Skills Strategy, Engagement, Fundraising, UX Design


  • The Rubber Duck Regatta has seen consistent growth every year, so Charity Dynamics used what we had learned in previous years to gain more donations and keep the campaign fresh.
  • To achieve an increase in email opens, paid special attention to engaging subject lines.
  • While the event is unique and fun, Charity Dynamics had to balance those qualities with the desired impact: benefitting kids with food insecurity in their community.


  • Charity Dynamics used fun, playful copy (ex: asking email receivers to become a “quack-stronaut” by purchasing ducks to help feed kids in their community), that leaned heavily on the outer space theme.
  • We developed a clean and clever design that brought in pop culture, creativity through illustrations and, of course, ducks in space.
  • Utilized conditional content for past duck buyers versus the general audience.


  • Specifically tracking the email campaign, there was a 17% increase in dollars raised, and 13% increase in number of gifts.
  • Overall, there was a 13% increase in dollars, and 13% increase in number of gifts for the entire event’s campaign.
  • 45% of online transactions were first-time donors.

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