Make-A-Wish Foundation: TeamRaiser Enhancements

Project Description

Charity Dynamics worked with Make-A-Wish America to restructure the log-in and contact record creation process within their TeamRaiser peer-to-peer events. Knowing that we wanted to allow participants new to the registration process to create a contact record first rather than waiting until the end of the registration process, we worked to streamline the process and move the contact creation up front with the log-in process. Now, participants can log in or create a record first, making the registration process more in sync with what is seen today on other websites.

Project Details

Client Make-A-Wish Foundation
Skills Strategy, Engagement, UX Design


  • Develop an initial, streamlined registration log-in or contact creation step so that participants can:
    • Easily log in using their existing username and password or by social log-in.
    • Create an account prior to starting registration either by email or social log-in.
    • Recover their username or password or contact someone to help them.
    • Easily understand errors that might occur with logging in or creating an account.
    • Swiftly be placed in the first step of registration: to create a team, form a team, or join as an individual.
  • Be able to track if participants log in or create a record and if they abandon the process.


  • While keeping mobile a priority, ensured that the design reflects the simplicity of the newly updated page: either log in or create an account.
  • Updated the existing TeamRaiser log-in page to also include the ability to create a contact record which alleviated the need for a custom registration solution.
  • Implemented a help link that directs the user to the event manager rather than to a global organization email to allow for quicker support for prospective participants.
  • Added custom interactions to the user flow to track abandonment and know who has completed registration for a specific event and who has not.
  • Set up Google Analytics tracking on design elements and links, goals to understand user flow, and dashboards to allow user data to inform future updates.


  • The refined registration allows prospective participants to quickly log in or easily create an account first.
  • Make-A-Wish can now track successful registrations.
  • Make-A-Wish can reach out to participants that abandoned registration.
  • The process allows for future design updates to be data driven.

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