Make-A-Wish Foundation: Walk For Wishes

Project Description


Charity Dynamics helped upgrade Make-A-Wish America’s existing Walk For Wishes program to a new TeamRaiser template, as well as a refreshed peer-to-peer website design, to improve the fundraising experience and better assist participants in achieving their goals.

To learn more, visit walkforwishes.org/

Project Details

Client Make-A-Wish Foundation
Skills Strategy, Engagement, Fundraising, UX Design, Technology


  • Update the TeamRaiser blueprint to provide easier, more efficient fundraising processes and tools for participants.
  • Improve the registration user experience to increase registration completion rates.
  • Engage participants in fundraising after registration.


  • Reviewed the existing TeamRaiser blueprint set up and applied best practices for the organization. Updated specific touchpoints to match participants’ expectations for a simple registration process and refreshed all e-communications.
  • Reviseed the website design to make it easier to find a local walk and improveed calls to action so they are clear and up front. Streamlined registration to remove any distractions and removed questions that were not important to the process.
  • Pushed registrants immediately to their participant center and updated the design so that it is responsive and speaks to the important next steps to take to hit their fundraising goals.


  • The user experience has improved for registrants and donors. Registrants can easily see which events are nearby without having to enter any data thanks to a geolocation search. Donors can easily find the person they want to support and understand how to donate or join an event.
  • The Walk For Wishes website encompasses the new Make-A-Wish brand and emphasizes the organization’s mission as well as the wish kids who benefit from the overall fundraising. Local walks can feature area wish kids on their walk page to build a greater community connection to the event.
  • Fundraisers have a custom experience that includes a list directing them to take their next fundraising steps, to update their personal page, to submit a personal donation, to reach out to family and friends to fundraise, and to conduct other fundraising activities to reach their goal. The site tracks their progress and prompts them as they near their goal. With added gamification, fundraisers receive e-communications and badges on their personal page and participant center when fundraising milestones are met to show them how they are making an impact on Make-A-Wish’s mission.

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