Medical College of Wisconsin: Digital Fundraising Roadmap and P2P Platform Recommendation

Project Description

Charity Dynamics helped Medical College of Wisconsin further their mission by evaluating their peer-to-peer fundraising needs and recommending the best platform for their purposes. In addition, we completed an assessment of their digital fundraising program and provided a roadmap for future growth.

Project Details

Client Medical College of Wisconsin
Skills Strategy, Fundraising, Technology


  • To house a new signature event, Medical College of Wisconsin needed a new P2P platform that would also be flexible enough to improve the experience of existing events.
  • We needed to produce effective recommendations to grow their digital fundraising revenue, while considering the complex relationship between the medical college and hospital.


  • Documented Medical College of Wisconsin’s requirements for a new platform and worked with them to prioritize their list to help focus the search.
  • Conducted in-depth interviews with stakeholders across departments, gathered and analyzed the reporting from their current efforts, and completed industry-specific research.



  • Charity Dynamics was able to narrow the field to two potential P2P fundraising platforms that would meet Medical College of Wisconsin’s goal of introducing a new fundraising event that would raise up to $475,000 over the next six months.
  • Based on the individualized discovery, Charity Dynamics was able to provide a list of quick wins as well as a robust three-year roadmap of efforts needed to significantly grow their digital fundraising programs by up to $1.5 million.


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