National Kidney Foundation – Participant Center Lightbox

Charity Dynamics saw an opportunity to increase the adoption and revenue generated through the Boundless Fundraising application so approached National Kidney Foundation with the idea of using a lightbox to highlight the availability of this exceptional fundraising tool. Once a Walker logs into their Participant Center, the lightbox opens up, thanking them for their participation, and presents the benefits of using Boundless Fundraising to meet their fundraising goal.


Project Details

Client National Kidney Foundation
Skills Strategy, Engagement, Fundraising


  • Get participants to focus on the one thing we want them to do: fundraise
  • Provide timely reminders, for those that have not adopted Boundless Fundraising, without being perceived as spam or an annoyance to their fundraising experience
  • Since the Boundless Fundraising application has a mobile app as well as a desktop app, think through how to prioritize which ask first


  • Created a “take over” effect by using a lightbox. The lightbox is a pop up window that would help focus the fundraiser on the task at hand
  • Used friendly language that welcomed them, described what the application can do for them and how important fundraising is to the organization
  • Made the lightbox conditionalized so that if they are on a tablet or mobile phone, they are downloading the mobile application. Desktop focused on the Facebook application


  • Adoption rate for mobile application increased by 98% from launch of the lightbox
  • Overall, saw a 26% increase in revenue from Boundless Fundraising

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