National Kidney Foundation


The National Kidney Foundation is the leading organization in the U.S. dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease for hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals, millions of patients and their families, and tens of millions of Americans at risk.

The National Kidney Foundation was interested in developing a new fundraising program that would inspire and engage new fundraisers while providing additional fundraising and engagement opportunities for existing supporters.


Project Details

Client National Kidney Foundation
Skills Strategy, Fundraising, UX Design


  • Develop a framework that supports multiple “event types” including Endurance, Tributes, and Personal Fundraising Campaigns.
  • Minimize the impact on current and previous Endurance participants when folding this program into the larger instance.
  • Create a strong mission connection between DIY participants and National Kidney Foundation’s mission.
  • Understanding how to launch a new fundraising program with limited marketing/promotion dollars.
  • No dollars to add new staff so looking to understand the support requirements to successfully manage a brand new fundraising program.
  • Launch program on a new platform while still maintaining existing endurance events that were on different platforms.


  • Conducted in-depth design discovery and brand assessment for program.
  • Created a “Hub” style DIY program set up that provided a customized experience based on specific event types.
  • Created a user-centric UX design that utilizes fundraising best practices and responsive design to ensure that site visitors can quickly and easily register, donate, and fundraise from any device.
  • Developed a Business Process and Roles & Responsibilities Framework for National and local staff to ensure high level of service and support in place utilizing their current staffing structure.
  • Provided Multi-channel Marketing Strategy developed that outlines high ROI/low cost recruitment opportunities through a variety of accessible channels.


• Designed a fully responsive, user-experience focused DIY website on the DonorDrive platform.
• Partnered with DonorDrive to develop program on a flexible product foundation to provide the opportunity to add new hubs as the program grows. At the moment, 4 fully customized user journeys (Tributes, Endurance, Kidney Hero’s, General) allow DIY’ers to choose their fundraising type.
• Able to build upon a recognized sub-brand (“Team Kidney”) to capitalize on equity and brand recognition previously established.
• Integrated the use of Boundless Fundraising to extend fundraising and social share opportunities for DIY fundraisers.

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