DIY Fundraising for New York Public Library

Partnering with Classy to Deliver a Customized User Experience for DIY Fundraisers

Project Description

The New York Public Library was looking to institute its first-ever do-it-yourself fundraising program and partnered with Charity Dynamics in developing and launching the campaign via the Classy online fundraising platform.

To learn more, visit: https://donate.nypl.org/campaign/the-new-york-public-library/c225100.


  • Leverage the Classy platform to put the NYPL’s first-ever DIY fundraising program into the market.
  • Engage fundraisers with meaningful content and imagery through the use of Classy’s built-in modules.

Peer-to-Peer Program Services

Whether you need to take your walk, run, endurance or DIY program to the next level or are exploring peer-to-peer fundraising for the first time, Charity Dynamics knows what it takes to inspire supporters to make your mission their own and fundraise on your behalf. 


  • Accelerated the Classy deployment process by developing an implementation guide that supports the Classy onboarding process.
  • Determined the main template’s core blueprint and identified elements unique to each specific campaign.
  • Helped create a custom responsive landing webpage to complement the non-Classy-related fundraising pages.


  • Developed an intuitive and reusable deployment process for understanding and gathering all necessary assets.
  • Created a fast and clear process for creating individual campaigns through a primary template.
  • Leveraged custom web design and applied it to Classy’s out-of-the-box responsive user experience to make the NYPL’s branding and messaging more engaging to site users.