Parkinson Canada:
Website Redesign

Project Description

Charity Dynamics redesigned Parkinson Canada’s website to provide an online presence that furthers the organization’s purpose and benefits, and provides accessibility to visitors with specific user needs.

To learn more, visit www.parkinson.ca/.


Project Details

Client Parkinson Canada
Skills UX Design, Technology


  • To develop a website that is accessible to an audience that includes users with specific needs.
  • To provide a dual language (English/French) site that can be managed without doubling the effort.
  • To achieve specific functionality requests like location searches and two-way communication within a manageable budget.


  • Provided custom development and design to accommodate Parkinson Canada’s unique user group needs (using clicks instead of hover for menu items, providing large clickable areas, etc.).
  • Used WordPress themes and plugins for a reliable infrastructure and premium features without custom development.
  • Selected a premium WordPress plugin for translation management solutions.
  • Customized Blackbaud’s Luminate™ online donation form to greatly improve user experience and drive more impact for the organization.


  • The website’s professional and modern design and build enables quick access (with a high level of accessibility) to information and support for those dealing with Parkinson’s and their friends, family and loved ones.
  • The dual language site eliminates the hassle of managing two separate sites and provides visitors with a clear path between languages.
  • The website offers plenty of opportunities for high-level engagement with visitors.

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