Peer-To-Peer Optimization with Center for Addiction and Mental Health

Project Description

Charity Dynamics helped realize CAMH’s mission by assessing their opportunities to optimize their existing peer-to-peer fundraising programs, One Brave Night and DIY, and other potential programs to consider.

Project Details

Client Center for Addiction and Mental Health
Skills Strategy, Engagement, Fundraising


  • One Brave Night experienced a significant decline in participation and fundraising in spring of 2018, and in it’s fifth year had already undergone 3+ significant changes including name, format, and activity.
  • DIY was about to be formalized into a more comprehensive program. Wanted validation it was being laid out in the best possible way.
  • The organization has an aggressive fundraising revenue growth goal of $20M by FY24/25 from $4.7M in FY17/18.


  • Completed 15 stakeholder interviews, reviewed close to 20 files (program materials, data analysis reports, strategic reports, new branding overviews, etc.), conducted online competitive research, and utilized industry benchmarking resources.
  • Assessed the greater environment and landscape around the cause.
  • Considered tactics and messaging of other similar fundraising programs.


  • Refinements for the One Brave Night in 2019 were identified based on the significant momentum to date and a myriad of assets to leverage. Investment in these recommended refinements has the potential to increase both the 2019’s event participation and fundraising by 25%.
  • The solid strategy, website launch, and comprehensive marketing plan for the new DIY Program is positioned to raise an estimated $3.3 million by better supporting and activating known and anticipated supporters in FY19/20.
  • Given the current climate around the mental health cause, the reputation of the organization, recent organization rebranding efforts, and the organization’s interest in tapping into a younger audience, we identified opportunities around community engagement and a new youth specific program that have the potential to help the client grow their peer-to-peer fundraising by as much as 50% over the next 3 years.

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