Project Bread – Walk for Hunger

Project Bread’s mission takes a fresh approach to ending hunger. They believe that the opposite of hungry isn’t simply full — it’s healthy. Charity Dynamics helped realize this mission by providing strategy for their fundraising website so that more participants can easily navigate registration and fundraising pages. Walk for Hunger is a premier event for Project Bread and the money raised supports local programs that alleviate hunger.

Project Details

Client: Project Bread
Skills: Strategy, UX Design, Web Development


  • Current Walk landing page and fundraising pages have too much navigation that point to both the Walk and Project Bread.
  • Too much information for the user.
  • Too much confusion around donate buttons.
  • Streamline and rearrange content on page so that the focus is register, login or donate.


  • Prioritize calls to action: register, donate, fundraise, login, volunteer
  • Remove all top levels navigation and only include Walk for Hunger navigation.
  • Use existing templates for registration and donation flow.


  • CTAs that stand out and are more prominent for the user
  • Simplified navigation that only speaks to Walk for Hunger
  • Stronger UX and more personalization on personal and Team pages so the donor knows they are in the right place.

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