St. Louis Children’s Hospital:
DIY Fundraising Center

Project Description

Charity Dynamics helped St. Louis Children’s Hospital launch their first peer-to-peer fundraising program as a way to further their mission. The hospital chose an open model DIY (do-it-yourself) program that allows anyone to sign up and fundraise as a way to honor, remember or celebrate a loved one, and to give back to the amazing work that the hospital does for children.

To learn more, visit https://stlouischildrens.org.

Project Details

Client St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Skills Strategy, UX Design, Technology


  • To design and develop a new DIY fundraising program for St. Louis Children’s Hospital that inspires and engages new fundraisers.
  • To create a website focused on simple and easy user experience to maximize registrations and fundraising of every registered participant.


  • Conducted strategic development and design of an open model DIY program within TeamRaiser.
  • Provided engaging content and tools to support participants’ solicitation of their personal networks to raise funds for and spread the word about their support of St. Louis Children’s Hospital.
  • Developed a clean and simple registration and donation process.


  • The inspiring and engaging fundraising website will motivate and empower participants and their networks to engage with St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

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