The V Foundation for Cancer Research:

Sustaining Gift Conversion

The V Foundation

Project Description

In order to further the goal of converting more one-time donors into sustaining donors, Charity Dynamics and The V Foundation worked together to create, design and develop a recurring donation lightbox ask for The V Foundation’s main donation form. The recurring donation ask lightbox triggers only when donor is about to make a one-time donation. The user is given the option to continue with their one-time gift or switch to a monthly gift prior to final donation confirmation. The ask amount for the monthly donation is dynamic based on the amount of their initial one-time donation.

Project Details

Client The V Foundation for Cancer Research 
Skills Strategy, Development, Technology



  • Generate more overall donation revenue through an increase in the number of sustaining gifts
  • To create a monthly donor call-to-action without creating a one-time gift barrier
  • Make the solution work with current donation forms on the Blackbaud Luminate platform


  • Worked with The V Foundation’s design team to create a UX that works in the Blackbaud system and on all devices
  • To provide the user with a logical and dynamic monthly donation suggestion while also allow the user to update the monthly gift amount within the lightbox


  • A streamlined user experience which encourages conversion of one time gifts into sustaining gifts without creating additional barriers to making a gift
  • A monthly donation call to action is now in place if a user is trying to make a one-time donation under $1,000

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