World Wildlife Fund – Panda Nation

Project Description

World Wildlife Fund partnered with Charity Dynamics to create a new program and brand for their independent fundraising event platform. Panda Nation was developed from the ground up to highlight the community of supporters who are fundraising to help WWF protect wildlife and wild places around the world. Panda Nation allows constituents to take a more active role in saving our planet by utilizing the TeamRaiser product to create campaigns to honor loved ones, showcase a favorite pet or species, fundraise for an athletic event, organize a community fundraiser, celebrate a special occasion or collaborate with classrooms around the country.

Project Details

Client World Wildlife Fund
Skills Engagement, Fundraising, Strategy
View www.pandanation.org


  • Conduct extensive brand discovery and strategic analysis to develop a comprehensive approach
  • Communicate brand equity for not only maintaining “Wildlife” and/or “Species” but people, policy and places as well
  • Alleviate the paradox of scale for the problem being too big for one person to make a significant impact
  • Focus on growth in participation from 25 to 45 year old demographic by clearly conveying funds raised are unrestricted


  • Creation of brand identity for 6 event fundraising tracks including logo design and unique messaging for each
  • Creation of one master blueprint, exploiting locking capabilities at blueprint level to aid in ease of replication for each child event
  • Custom TeamRaiser development for six fundraising event types
  • Integrated social share functionality for registration and donation processes, as well as Facebook commenting on personal and team pages



  • Fully responsive, user-experience focused website and TeamRaiser design to increase registration and donation conversions
  • Responsive stationery designs to support each event fundraising track
  • Developed custom, responsive participant centers focused on conditional participant achievements
  • Enhanced SEO rankings by implementing appropriate meta data and Google Analytics tracking

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