Project Description

YAI’s mission is to help others achieve the fullest life possible by creating new opportunities for living, loving, working and learning. Charity Dynamics helped realize this mission by supporting UX design and development changes to their Central Park Walk peer-to-peer fundraising event splash page.

Project Details

Client YAI
Skills Strategy, UX Design
View https://www.yai.org/cpc


  • Central Park Challenge was one month away and design tweaks/ UX changes were needed to help spotlight sponsors, registration and fundraising.
  • YAI needed to provide their premier sponsor a larger presence without detracting from the event or mission.
  • The fundraising thermometer on the event splash page did not truly emphasize the amount raised vs. the goal.



  • Come up with short term solutions for improved user experience and evaluated against long term solutions for next year’s event
  • Evaluated existing Sponsor’s presence on the site
  • Worked within current template and branding so changes could be make quickly


  • Redesigned wrapper & navigation for better UX
  • Re-positioned YAI to be the focus yet also giving weight to their sponsor
  • Created custom thermometer to display received donations only

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