Sickkids Foundation’s path to a new p2p fundraising event


Leveraging the Past to Create the Future

Are you looking to expand on your peer-to-peer fundraising events and give your constituents new ways to fundraise?

We recently sat down with Director, Special Events & Sponsorship at SickKids Foundation, Jamie Lamont, to learn about their event, The Million Reasons Run, which is currently underway through May.

Check out this video to hear how SickKids leveraged their wildly popular cycling event, Great Cycle Challenge and generated the new P2P program that raised over 2 million dollars in it’s first year!


We had the benefit of having a very heavy digital event, Great cycle challenge, which really, we had in place since 2016.


It’s a digitally based cycling event, month long campaign. People sign up online, they integrate online, they communicate online.


Then they go and ride their distance goal and fundraise as they would normally do.


And that event boomed, you know, during the last couple of years, and in fact it doubled. Actually in one year it more than doubled.  


So we took some lessons from that event and the knowledge base we had from there and built out another kind of digitally based fundraising event called Million Reasons Run.


We launched that in 2021 in May and we had great pickup on that. So again, it was another digitally based run where you are, when you want, track it all online.


It’s a nationwide event too in Canada, so you know, we launched that May 2021 to great fanfare.


We had 8,000 participants raised 2.2 million in his first year. So a pretty amazing kind of feat.