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Luminate Online TLS Security Notification

Following industry trends in ensuring the highest levels of online security, Blackbaud and its Luminate Online and TeamRaiser products will no longer support Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0. The impact of this change is that some older browsers and operating systems will no longer meet the security requirements needed to access donation and registration pages. The vast majority of web users will not be affected as most modern browsers, phones and computers are updated to meet the minimum security requirements. But for the small portion of web users affected, this change may limit their ability to make donations and to register for events on Blackbaud systems.

Charity Dynamics recommends that Blackbaud clients who process donations and registrations through Luminate Online notify web visitors if their browser or operating system does not meet the updated security standard via a simple notification bar across the top of the website. The notification should function in the following way:


  • Appears only to web visitors that do not meet current security standards
  • Does not cover any of the website content
  • Displays when viewed in both desktop and mobile browsers
  • Allows the user to click on a link to get more information about the issue

Guided Implementation (Dynamic Standard)

Get started quickly by using our pre-filled configuration guide to finalize content and place the notification banner across the top of your Blackbaud pages:

  • Implementation workshop – Opportunity to review and finalize notification content, color, and pages it appears on
  • Implementation of notification on site
  • Handoff PowerPoint deck detailing functionality and implementation information

Custom Notification Experience (Dynamic Pro)

Speak with our UX experts about creating a custom notification experience based on your site’s specific needs

  • UX Strategy to define custom notification experience
  • Development, QA and UAT testing based on UX Strategy

Select the Package that Best Fits Your Needs:

Dynamic Standard Dynamic Pro
Uses the Charity Dynamics pre-configured best practices notification Develop a customized notification experience for your website
$5,000 $10,000

Charity Dynamics provides best practices and services based on information made available by the software provider, Blackbaud.

All recommendations are subject to change based on updates made by the software provider.


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