Mission Possible! Elevating Susan G. Komen’s Mission During the Pandemic

Susan G. Komen energized their long-running event with Mission Badges in their Boundless Fundraising™ mobile app

Project Description

Walk and run events are a popular peer-to-peer fundraising activity, and Susan G. Komen’s MORE THAN PINK Walk/ Race for the Cure are no exception. In addition to being an important fundraiser for the organization, Susan G. Komen also leverages these in-person events as an opportunity to educate participants on its mission and breast health awareness.

In order to deliver this important educational content in a remote environment, Susan G. Komen implemented mission badges through its fundraising app to keep their fundraisers engaged and share important information about their mission.


  • Along with most organizations, Susan G. Komen was forced to pivot their annual MORE THAN PINK walk and Race for the Cure events from in-person to virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In order to set themselves apart from the abundance of similar endurance events slated for Fall 2020, it was necessary to implement a unique way to engage and motivate their participants.
  • Being remote meant Susan G. Komen needed to find a way to demonstrate their mission to fundraisers creatively and in a fun manner.


  • Susan G. Komen wanted to deliver important breast health information and motivate participants to fundraise through inspirational and educational mission content.
  • The organization implemented badges around its four mission pillars: research, care, community and action. Badges could be unlocked by watching videos and taking quizzes to learn more about Komen’s mission and how their fundraising dollars will help.
  • Providing mission badges through the app gave participants another reason to engage with the mobile fundraising app. Every time a participant opened the app to earn a new mission badge, they also could see their progress to their fundraising goal and have access to the full suite of fundraising tools.


  • Participants who downloaded the app and used the activity tracker raised 4x more than those who did not use the app.
  • Participants who downloaded the app, used the activity tracker, AND earned mission badges raised 5.4x more than those who did not.
  • Active fundraisers who used the app in addition to other key fundraising actions raised an additional $392 on average.