Post p2p Fundraising Walk
Press Conference

Charity Dynamics Meets Ted Lasso

What if every peer-to-peer fundraising run, walk, or ride wrapped up with a press conference? Picture a crowded room filled with eager reporters, all set to field their questions at you. Well, in honor of the wildly popular TV show Ted Lasso, we thought we’d give it a go! 🎥⚽

Crafting the right Lasso-like responses was a tough challenge… and might have gone too heavy on the biscuit references. 😊 But when it comes to the question about the best tool for fostering supporter engagement, it was an easy call: a mobile-first community (link in the comments).

So brew your favorite cup of tea, grab a biscuit, and join us for our tribute to peer-to-peer fundraisers and Ted Lasso. 🎉

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