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A “Thank You” Your Donors Won’t Forget

by Charity Dynamics

You already know that thanking your donors is not just nice to do, but a crucial step that is necessary to complete a donation fully. It’s important to thank each and every one of your donors in order to build and maintain an authentic relationship with them. When you say “Thank You” in a sincere way, it doesn’t go unnoticed. But the key word there is sincere.

It might seem like a daunting task to thank every single donor, especially when you have tons of them. However, that is not the case anymore. Although there are many many ways to do so, here are what we consider to be the top 3 ways to say “Thank You” to your donors in 2017:


Email messages have been a great way to thank your donors time and time again. Since this is more cost effective and easier to track than direct mail, a lot of organizations lean towards email, and for a good reason! Not only is it better for the org but it’s also better for the donor, in most cases. Email has become the fastest way to say “Thank You” and it works well because unlike direct mail, you can include a link back to your main site, web content, and even upcoming events that will keep your donors engaged. Although we would recommend email because of it’s speed and efficiency, if sending a hand-written “Thank you” to your donors is better for your audience, then keep doing that.


This is a new and creative way to say “Thank You”. We like the idea of making things personal, especially when it comes to giving thanks and using video is a great way to do that. This takes a little more time and effort than email but it also is a lot more personal and donors respond well to seeing a real person say “Thank You” than just reading it. You might be thinking, “what in the world would I do or say in such video?” Well, don’t think too hard.. all you have to do is make a 30 second video of your staff or beneficiaries saying why you appreciate their donation and how it helps your your organization’s overall mission. No edits or fancy filters needed, just a simple and raw video of you showing your donors some love.

3.Social Media 

It’s a big world out there, but social media can make it feel like we are all close together. By using social media to thank your donors you are instantly connecting with them on a very personal level. The great part about this is when you send a “Thank You” via Facebook, Instagram, etc. you are likely reaching out to them when they are at home or doing something social. That means it is also very likely they are around other people who will see or hear about this and think “wow that’s nice of them.” This type of thank you really depends on your audience. Mostly everyone today has a social network of some kind but that doesn’t mean they use it. So if you do this, be sure to connect with your donors on the right channel at the right time. Timeliness is great, but keep in mind that’s different for every donor.

With all of this new technology emerging, it’s easier than ever to make something personal and sincere. It’s not a question of should you or shouldn’t you anymore, it’s simply a question of how will you? There are many ways to say “Thank You” whether it’s through direct mail, email, video or even social media the first step is to decide which is best for your organization. Once you decide where you say it you then have to decide how to say it.

Your organization might only be able to use one of these channels to thank it’s donors however, the tone and messaging you use is ultimately endless. Remember they are the reason your mission is thriving, so don’t be scared to try something new and creative. At the end of the day you have to decide what makes sense for your donors, then show them some appreciation!