Video Highlights: Boundless FundraisingTM Benchmark Report

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Each year, Charity Dynamics produces an in-depth benchmark report complete with results observed across all 150+ peer-to-peer event programs which utilize the Boundless FundraisingTM product suite. Results are measured in terms of participant adoption, direct fundraising impact, and social media reach.

Targeted applications for diverse and evolving participant personas

Boundless FundraisingTM is an application suite that lets participants at all levels of fundraising expertise easily raise more money by connecting their social, mobile and email channels to reach more donors, wherever they are.

Peer-To–Peer event programs and participants continue to rapidly evolve. Boundless FundraisingTM provides a robust set of options that enhance the fundraising capabilities of your event audience.

Mobile App

Allow particpants to fundraise effortlessly while on the go!

Enable powerful outreach via social channels within the confines of your event website

Empower participants to use mobile check deposit to process donations more efficiently

Video Transcript

What if there was a proven way, in one year, to increase the online fundraising revenue for your existing peer-to-peer event program by 7%? Well, it’s no longer a secret, and we’d love to share the details with you! We can help you adopt a winning platform strategy to achieve increased fundraising success!

Each year, Charity Dynamics commissions a team to crunch the numbers for each client utilizing our Boundless Fundraising mobile solution and publishes the summary results in our annual Benchmark Report. And according to this year’s results, the average peer to peer event program brings in 10% of all online fundraising revenue through the Boundless Fundraising solution. And of that 10%, an incredible 70% comes from donors who are completely new to your organization!

This has represented OVER 500,000 NEW fundraisers or donors for our clients, in a challenging time of decreasing revenues for most. The bottom line: organizations which adopt the Boundless Fundraising mobile solution, grow online fundraising revenue by 7% in year one! Interested in learning more?

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