COVID-19 Nonprofit Resource Center

The coronavirus crisis is having an unprecedented impact on every aspects of our society, and nonprofits have certainly not been immune. With the closure of thousands of spring fundraising events and the economy potentially on the verge of recession, it’s critical to evaluate the short and long-term impacts to your organization and start thinking proactively about solutions.

In an effort to help, Charity Dynamics is collaborating internally, and with our partners and clients, to bring ideas to the forefront. See a list of COVID-19-related below and please let us know if we can be of assistance during these challenging times. 

Strategy + Fundraising

On-Demand Webinar: Event Participants Go Virtual And Get Active

Join Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, SickKids Foundation, Susan G. Komen, and Charity Dynamics for a webinar where they discuss how organizations are shifting their peer-to-peer strategy to make their virtual event programs this fall a success with the aid of activity tracking.

On-Demand Webinar: Using Innovative Tools to Drive Virtual Event Engagement

Join Charity Dynamics, DonorDrive and Eventage as they share innovative tools and integrations to build virtual events with dynamic elements that will involve and showcase participants’ activity like never before. Learn about fresh and exciting ways for participants to fundraise on their terms, such as using activity trackers, gamification, milestones and incentives and more that energize involvement and build fundraising momentum.

On-Demand Webinar: Re-Imagining Your Event Virtually

Listen in as we introduce our newest product offering — Boundless Motion! Learn how Charity Dynamics is bringing the power of activity tracking to mobile fundraising to create a virtual event experience that can drive donor & fundraiser engagement in the months ahead… and even beyond the Coronavirus Pandemic.

On-Demand Webinar: Offer the Sizzle and the Steak, But Make It All About Them

Listen in as Meghan Dankovich from Charity Dynamics and Turnkey’s Otis Fulton and Ryan Grosenick discuss pivoting your now virtual P2P programs to maximize fundraising during these uncertain times.

Video Interview: Adjusting Organizational Strategy in Light of COVID-19

We recently “sat down” with Doug Ulman, CEO and President of Pelotonia,  to gain his virtual take on the immediate and long-term effects that the coronavirus pandemic is having on his cycling event program and broader organization.

Blog Post: Bringing a Little Fun to Our Zoom Virtual Worlds

The Zoom virtual background has apparently become an essential tool for working from home. Everyone seems to have their favorites and the Charity Dynamics team is no different. In our latest blog post, we share some of the fun, whimsical and nostalgic backgrounds we’re using (and where to download them).

On-Demand Webinar: It’s Raining Virtual Events, Alleluia! The Secret to Finding and Creating the Perfect Virtual Event

Times have changed and so have how you create, build and manage your P2P events. Don’t be overwhelmed, listen in as we talk through 10 ideas for your next virtual event! You’ll walk away with virtual event ideas, tips on how to get it up and running, and inspiration for this new way to think about p2p events.

COVID-19 Guide: Engaging With Your Supporters During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In our latest report, we outline seven action items your organization can start doing today to help readjust your communications and fundraising to the new normal and better position your organization to face this ongoing crisis.

On-Demand Webinar: Virus Resistant Fundraising Tactics

Donor advised funds, sustained giving, donor cultivation, and more!

There are no guarantees in our current COVID-19 climate. But there are hints that there are steps you can take to help your program be recession resistant. Watch our recorded webinar to learn what you should be thinking about – and acting upon – right now.

On-Demand Webinar: Love in the Time of COVID-19

Social Media Strategy, Content Planning & Social Ambassador Programs to Support Your Organization Right Now

Listen in to our continued conversation on how to maximize your efforts during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ll be covering how to leverage tried and true – and new – social channels to support your acquisition, cultivation, fundraising and donor retention efforts at this time.

On-Demand Webinar: Fundraising Tools You Can Use to Help Combat COVID-19 (featuring Facebook & American Cancer Society)

Listen to our replay from Tuesday, March 31, as Facebook’s Kendra Sinclair, American Cancer Society’s Tatum Barbaree, and Charity Dynamics’ Meghan Dankovich shared best practice recommendations for fundraising tools nonprofits can and should take advantage during these uncertain times.

Coronavirus Checklist: P2P Event Emergency Preparedness Guide

In our new checklist, Charity Dynamics  provides steps your organization can take to ensure open and proactive communications around your COVID-19 decisions.

COVID-19 On-Demand Webinar: Strategies to Help Your Organization Navigate the Impact on Fundraising

Charity Dynamics consultants Sue Dalos, Tara Mermis and Dolores McDonagh discuss strategies for helping nonprofit get out ahead of the pack in the areas of virtual events, social media, messaging & content strategy, donor-advised funds and special appeals.

Blog Post: Ways to Keep Positive When Your “Life UX” is Uncertain

It’s hard not to be nervous right now as the news about COVID-19 changes daily, but together, we can get through this — and a little positivity never hurts!

In our latest blog post, our amazing UX team shares what they’re doing to stay positive during all this uncertainty (and how to handle that new WFH lifestyle).

Blog Post: Managing Your P2P Events During the Coronavirus Crisis

If your organization has a spring event coming up, you’re no doubt keeping a close eye on the latest COVID-19 updates.In our latest blog post, Principal Consultant Sue Dalos offers a digital alternative to consider for keeping your event — and most important, your fundraising — going strong during these uncertainty times.