A Fresh Perspective On Fundraising Campaigns

So many channels, so little time. This is the glorious dilemma of today’s nonprofit campaign managers. Glorious because email, social media and mobile tactics can greatly enhance the reach and results of traditional fundraising, list building and advocacy campaigns. A dilemma because balancing a wide range of interests and schedules is never a simple task. Charity Dynamics delivers the expertise to bring all of these channels together with a fresh approach. We’ll help you produce your next campaign from start to finish, with holistic messaging and integrated technology, delivered on time and budget.

Events – New Channels, Tactics and Tools

“Will you support me? Please, please, please.” gets a very different response when it comes from a friend vs. a nonprofit. (FYI, the aforementioned copy is not recommended for nonprofit emails.) Empowering your supporters to spread your mission, raise funds and recruit new supporters are all key elements when it comes to planning and executing a successful event. And that’s just a start. Over the past ten years, Charity Dynamics has helped top fundraising events dramatically improve their results by staying on top of the latest trends, integrating new channels and utilizing unique tactics. Simply stated, we’re continuously finding new ways for events to raise more money.


  • Online & Multi-Channel Fundraising
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Fundraising Events
  • Cultivation & Engagement
  • Membership Campaigns
  • Advocacy


  • Audience & Competitor Research
  • Results Analysis
  • Digital Audit
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Business Planning
  • Training
  • Cost & ROI Predictions

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