One of the biggest trends in the nonprofit world right now — and globally for that matter — is gamification. The concept derives, of course, from tactics used in gaming — earning points, badges, rewards, etc. to reach higher levels. But it has become associated in the business community as an effective marketing tool. Think Fitbit, Trip Advisor, or any frequent flier program, or any time you’ve received a reward or points in a non-gaming related context.

Gamification appeals to our competitive nature to set and achieve goals — as well as our love of validation for doing so. How many times have you bought an extra cup of coffee to earn enough points to receive a free cup? Or competed with friends over who could collect more “stickers” (or badges) for checking in to your favorite places? Thought so. Gamification works.

Now, nonprofits can use the Charity Dynamics Boundless Fundraising app to incorporate gamification techniques into their engagement efforts through the use of badges. The badges can be configured on a per client basis, with new badges being added over time, to encourage supporters to accomplish certain fundraising tasks. At present, the following badges are available:

• Raised $X amount of money
• Reached X% of fundraising goal
• Installed the organization’s mobile app
• Installed the organization’s Facebook app
• Opted in to Scheduled feeds
• Received first online donation

When people view a supporter’s personal fundraising page through the app, they will see at a glance what the person has accomplished in their fundraising efforts.

Gamification, however, is just one part of a recent upgrade to the Boundless Fundraising application suite. The upgrade includes a design refresh — the first since 2014 — to create a more consistent look and feel across the apps as well as improved navigation. The overall design will have a more contemporary feel, bringing in more color, and creating a better use of horizontal and vertical space. Better mobile functionality includes increasing the number of available social media channels as well as incorporating Facebook scheduled feeds and push notifications.

The upgrade has also improved team management functionality, allowing team captains to become more engaged with their teams, while taking advantage of more gamification opportunities. Team captains will be able to see their team members’ activity and which badges they are eligible for. The badges are a good way for team captains to promote teamwork by cheering members on in reaching their next goal — and perhaps encouraging some healthy competition on who can reach their next badge first. It’s all for a good cause.