Before you think about the New Year, make EOY a priority.

Before you start thinking of 2015, make it a goal for your nonprofit to be active on social media this season. With the holidays coming up, a lot of our clients are asking about End of Year campaigns. Many have even started queuing up their emails. End of Year fundraising campaigns, or Year-End, offer huge opportunity for nonprofits online. However, time spent on strategy shouldn’t be reserved for only email campaigning. Don’t get me wrong, email is a HUGE part of EOY, but integrating social media can expand the impact in ways you may not have considered.

Social media can do several things for your organization:

  • Increase your email subscriber list.
  • Increase your fans and followers on social accounts.
  • Increase your reach across all platforms.

We have some recommendations for your End of Year social campaign.

Include consistent branding across the platforms you’re using. If you have design created for your email campaigns, it’s easy to bring those into your social game. Let people easily associate the email they received from you with the posts they’re seeing on social media. Give them something to share with their friends. Let them know they are a part of your organization with shareable badges, images, videos and other interactive features.

An even better way to bring your email campaign into social media is to include share buttons in your emails. Your current email subscribers are receiving these emails and chances are the ones opening them and carrying out actions are also on social media. Give them a share button to tell their friends about your campaign efforts.

We know the thought of creating an extensive campaign this close to the holidays sounds a bit overwhelming. While it’s easier to plan with a team of experts, it’s not impossible to incorporate these practices. Don’t skip EOY campaigning this year. With the resources available to your organization, you’re sure to bring in some new constituents, funds and overall support.

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