Blackbaud’s Luminate Online is undergoing some major changes that should have nonprofits buzzing with excitement.

The full-service digital marketing suite has been around for upwards of a decade, but Blackbaud has kept the Luminate Online product suite relevant to modern nonprofit needs and as competitive as ever for organizations on the hunt for the best fundraising software.  

To make sure organizations are getting the most from Luminate, Blackbaud has debuted Luminate Online Next Generation. With dramatic upgrades across the board, the platform presents a better user experience for all parties, from your administrators to supporters.

A major element to the upgrade involves improving how nonprofits can access and manage their data. To improve functionality, Blackbaud has kicked off Next Gen by creating reporting dashboards for:

• High level revenue and house file information,

• TeamRaiser performance indicators for tracking the success of your event,

• Advocacy Action Alert results broken down by useful segments like donor, channel, location, and source.

Why is Charity Dynamics so excited about this first step into the future of Luminate Online? These data visualization reports will help you quickly see rows and rows of data from your reports into consolidated, digestible pie charts, metrics and performance scorecards on a single screen. Now that is coming a long way from a bunch of data in an Excel file!

While these views can mean a lot for how you access data, if you aren’t being diligent about maintaining a tidy and up-to-date Luminate database, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of the upgrade. Make sure you’re regularly sweeping your database for duplicates and outdated records so that the dashboards you create are as accurate as can be.

Aside from visualization reports, the new-and-improved Luminate Online also provides additional updates, such as:

• A completely responsive administrative workflow

• Drag and drop templates to easily build web pages, emails, and donation forms

• The ability to preview work as visitors will see it

• Built-in analytic capabilities to help nonprofits understand social reach, fundraising statistics and website activity

If you’re not a Luminate user, there’s no time like the present to check out the latest and greatest features that make this Blackbaud product one of the most comprehensive choices for managing your online fundraising and outreach efforts.

You can read more about the Luminate suite — including Luminate Online, Luminate CRM, TeamRaiser, and more — by checking out this thorough guide from Blackbaud partner DNL OmniMedia.

And to see what Blackbaud has been up to most recently, you can always learn more by visiting Blackbaud’s online community,YouTube channel, or by following them on Twitter.