The Backstory

Donors are engaging with causes they care about on social media more than ever before – and they’re involved with your mission all year long.

Our Take On It

A multi-channel approach to your Year-End campaign should incorporate a consistent messaging theme, holistic look and feel, calls-to-action, and coordinated calls-to-action. Optimally, you want to deliver a consistent supporter experience across your website, emails, direct mail, blog, and social media.

Our Recommendation

With that in mind, approach your End-of-Year social media plan with these 10 tactical tips:

  1. Around Thanksgiving, share the things for which your organization is thankful. Example: “We’re thankful for our hundreds of volunteers! More children in our community are learning to read thanks to your commitment and passion.”
  2. Update your Facebook and Google+ cover images to match or complement your homepage imagery.
  3. Post an image of your mission in action to Facebook with a link to your year-end donation page.
  4. Record a short video solicitation from your executive director or board president. Upload to YouTube, and share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.
  5. Record a short video of a recipient of your services expressing how he or she was helped. Upload to YouTube, and share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.
  6. Create a slide presentation of images of your mission in action. Upload it to SlideShare and feature it on your website and LinkedIn company page.
  7. Add your homepage image to your Pinterest board.
  8. In the last week of the year, call attention to the approaching a tax-deduction deadline. Example: “Only four more days to make a donation that is tax deductible for this year!” (Don’t forget the URL to your donation form!)
  9. Share tangible descriptions of what a donation amount means for your mission. Example: A $50 donation will provide 150 meals for our neighbors who are struggling.
  10. Provide employees with suggested social-media text to share with their personal networks.
  11. Don’t forget, the clock is already ticking! Tackle your to-do list now, and allow yourself time to enjoy the holiday season without the added stress of last minute planning.

– Amanda Luther, Consultant