Our Independent Fundraising Event Study looked at the emerging peer-to-peer fundraising trend of IFE’s and how nonprofits are structuring them. Now, we can look even closer with our Independent Fundraising Event Deep Dive: Trend Analysis from Five Nonprofit Verticals. This study breaks down the IFE Study by the five verticals from which we received the most response.

  • Human & Social Services
  • Health
  • Faith
  • Youth
  • Arts & Culture

This study will bring you more meaningful data that can help you understand IFE program trends as they relate to your specific organization. We broke down the data into three categories.

  1. Status
  2. Structure & Strategy
  3. Revenue Expectations

These categories will help your organization compare to similar programs or to see where your vertical stands in regards to the implementation of such programs. The Status section of the IFE Deep Dive will break down which verticals have more live programs and which are planning to add an IFE in the near future. For instance, the Heath vertical leads with the largest number of live IFE programs. The Structure & Strategy section will provide insights as to which type of IFE program is being utilized by the respective verticals, and includes data regarding the goals of these programs. For example, of the five analyzed verticals, only Health organizations are using the hub model. We also included a Revenue Expectations section to help you visualize potential revenue growth resulting from an IFE. Most Human & Social Services organizations reported an expected revenue growth of between 4-20%.

We released this great information through a free webinar on Wednesday, October 15th, but you can still hear it On-Demand. Be the first to hear the results and Register Now! You can download the full IFE Deep Dive here. Plus, check out our other helpful resources on IFEs;

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