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Thanks for visiting Charity Dynamics! This webpage is exclusively for the Blackbaud sales team. We hope the information below is useful as speaking points, to be added to client/prospect emails and for your overall understanding of our partnership. If you need additional resources, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Charity Dynamics is a Blackbaud Service Provider available to assist clients in their digital marketing and fundraising. The Charity Dynamics team specializes in website design, mobile technologies and strategies, peer-to-peer fundraising, e-communications.

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Blackbaud Product Expertise

  • Luminate Online

Charity Dynamics is a leading expert in strategy, planning and implementation of Luminate Online. Their team is ready to help you successfully build online fundraising campaigns that convert new donors, retain existing donors and ultimately raise more money to support your cause. Their Luminate Online portfolio includes Easter Seals and AIDS Project Los Angeles.

In addition to platform expertise, Charity Dynamics can help you integrate Luminate Online with complementary tools like TeamRaiser, WordPress or their amplification tool, Boundless Voices.

  • TeamRaiser

Charity Dynamics is a leading expert in peer-to-peer fundraising with a special emphasis on use of TeamRaiser. Over the past ten years, Charity Dynamics has helped top fundraising events dramatically improve their results by staying on top of the latest trends, integrating new channels and utilizing unique tactics.

Their extensive TeamRaiser experience enables them to study trends across events and provide organizations with benchmark information and best practice recommendations. Their recent “The Path to Success” guide is one example. Charity Dynamics’ TeamRaiser portfolio includes the ALS Association and EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women.

  • Friends Asking Friends

Charity Dynamics is a leading expert in peer-to-peer fundraising. Over the past ten years, they have helped top fundraising events dramatically improve their results by staying on top of the latest trends, integrating new channels and utilizing unique tactics.

Their Friends Asking Friends portfolio includes the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

  • Sphere, Net Community and Blackbaud Internet Solutions

Charity Dynamics has a stellar creative group to help you make the most of your [Sphere/NetCommunity/BBIS] purchase, all while keeping your audience and ROI in check. Their expertise in design, custom web development and knowledge the latest in technology helps your organization grow your engagement (and house file) within fundraising, events and advocacy.

Charity Dynamics Products

In addition to expertise in many of Blackbaud’s products, Charity Dynamics boasts two complementary apps that organizations can integrate with existing solutions to raise more money, create more awareness  and affect more change. The app suite, known as the Boundless Apps, harnesses the power of social media, mobile and email to empower supporters to share their experience with their online communities.

  • Boundless Fundraising

Launched in 2008, Boundless Fundraising empowers supporters to break out of their boring fundraising routines so they can try something new and exciting using all that new media has to offer. To date, $250 million has been raised using Boundless Fundraising.

  • Boundless Voices

Boundless Voices gives supporters an easy way to show their support for your cause and share their enthusiasm on the platforms that people use today—Facebook, mobile and email. More awareness is generated for your cause while your organization gains recognition and new supporters.

About Charity Dynamics

Charity Dynamics was founded in 2004 by Donna Wilkins with the mission of empowering nonprofits with the technology expertise needed to help them change the world.  Through the years the company expanded to meet the demands of rapidly changing technology and nonprofit needs.  Starting with strategic consulting and now offering creative services, innovative technology and platform expertise, Charity Dynamics remains true to our mission.

The Charity Dynamics team is a powerful combination of experienced nonprofit veterans and technology mavens. Our industry experts focus on providing nonprofits with responsive and results oriented solutions, from concept and design through execution and analysis.  We invest time to understand each client’s mission, strategy and goals, utilize their data, consider their processes, and identify their resources to create integrated technology solutions that deliver long term value. Our mission is to fulfill yours.

Charity Dynamics is privileged to work with a wide range of terrific nonprofits.  Many organizations, including American Cancer Society, LIVESTRONG, ALS Association, The Humane Society of the United States, Salvation Army, Be The Match, Volunteers of America, American Nurses Association, and Yellowstone Park Foundation have been working with us for years.  With our high standards for service and results, clients look to us to meet their growing need for innovative technology solutions.

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