Towards the end of 2014 we collected predictions on The Next 10 Years of Digital Fundraising through a survey that reached 133 respondents. The respondents were made up of nonprofit professionals with marketing, communications and developmental roles.  These predictions have shined a new light on the direction digital fundraising is going. The infographic, created by Rallybound, gives a brief overview to this information.


Our co-webinar, Digital Fundraising: Its Impact and Future, with Rallybound touched on the important findings that we discovered.

  • 50% of people think that more than 30% of donations will come in a digital form.
  • Three big trends to watch for: digital wallets (currency online), bio-metrics (touch ID) and digital assistants (voice to command actions). Nonprofits will use platforms that have protection and security developed within them to lessen privacy concerns consumers may have.
  • 85% of people believe the role of social media in fundraising will increase. We agree that this is likely because of the benefits social media provides: networking, real time experience, and the shared consciousness of users.
  • The prediction for the devices with the biggest role for digital fundraising was 68% vote for smartphones, and a 20% for tablets. Glasses, watches and fitness trackers may be new digital hardware options for people to use.
  • Surveyors believe that websites have the most backing for what donors prefer and SMS (texting) has the least.

The opportunities that digital platforms present should continue to make fundraising easier, more efficient and more personalized for nonprofit supporters. Watch the webinar here to learn more about the future of digital fundraising.