Behind every great hero is an even greater side-kick!

Saving the world is a big job and despite all of their amazing powers none of the super heroes from the Marvel or DC Universes have been able to save the planet single-handedly. In the new run of movies and TV shows, there has been a big shift in focus – the side-kick (or in some cases support team) are getting as much screen time as the main hero. In the new movies they show you the impact of Batman’s Alfred, Ironman’s Jarvis and how Nick Fury brought together The Avengers. On TV, John Diggle and Felicity Smoke are mainstay characters providing The Arrow with critical intelligence and technology. While on The Flash, Barry Allen wouldn’t have evolved into his alter-ego without the support of Caitlin, Cisco and Dr. Wells urging him on.

The tide has turned, side-kicks and support characters have become integral to the success of our beloved superheroes. In the world of DIY fundraising, the same goes for charities. Your supporters are your superheroes and you are their side-kick. But don’t despair – the side-kicks get to do a lot – even if they aren’t the ones in the spotlight. So how can you be an amazing side-kick to your DIY superheroes?

  • BUILD your superhero base – Think of your DIY digital experience as your Bat Cave. This is where your superhero signs-up for their mission, accesses their fundraising tools and keeps track of their progress. The good news? You don’t have to start from scratch. There are many DIY platforms that have best practices built-in. Remember, you may be building a digital DIY program, but your superhero is interacting in the real world. Make it easy for them to access what they need!
  • BRAND your program – People like to belong to something bigger than themselves. In the age of social media, people wear their experiences like a badge so give them something to show. Think of the “S” on Superman’s chest or the bat symbol that is synonymous with Batman. What is your organizations icon?
  • RECRUIT your Justice League – Every superhero started out as a regular person.  It took a life-changing event to bring out their alter-ego.  Your organization’s mission is what will motivate individuals to “suit-up”. But only if they know the program exists. Unlike hosted events, DIY programs don’t follow a set calendar, so you need to ensure that your program is profiled when and where people make fundraising decisions. Don’t have a big budget for marketing? That’s ok.  Consider asking your current constituent base to be part of a “pilot” phase to get your program off the ground. Promote your superheroes and they will promote your program!
  • EMPOWER your Heroes – Saving the world is hard. Fundraising is harder… Empower your fundraisers by providing the tools they need to be successful.  James Bond was always outfitted with an arsenal of gadgets by his faithful side-kick Q. Think of the infamous Austin Martin, the exploding pen or the tracker built into his watch. Fundraisers need special gadgets and supports too. In lieu of having your own Q, think about how people communicate. Providing content such as social share-ables, email/mobile templates and event collateral are all important pieces in your superheroes arsenal. Help your fundraisers tell their story – the more personal their communications, the more money they will ultimately raise.

So now that you have your superhero all suited up and ready to go save the world, it’s time to talk about you – the side-kick. Stay tuned for more in our next issue “same bat time, same bat channel”.



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