Fundraising professionals know that peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way for organization’s to reach larger audiences. The Walk Registration Benchmark report we recently released showcases how to optimize the registration process for walk events. Walk events may still be the most popular P2P event, but independent fundraising events (IFE) or do-it-yourself (DIY) events are rapidly growing in popularity with organization’s participants.

These events allow a participant to register and create their own fundraising event. We call them DIY events because while fundraising for the orga­nization may be the reason for the event, the participant, not the nonprofit, manages it.

Since DIY events are growing so fast, we decided to do some research using Google Analytics. From that research, we’ve released the The Tools for Success report to help you get a better grasp on how to ensure your potential DIY participants are able to navigate through your registration process. This report measures five key metrics organizations can track to determine how successful their website performs, engaging visitors to complete registration for DIY events.

DIY Registration Benchmark

Here are 3 key recommendations from the report:

  1. Make it responsive! If your website isn’t responsive, a participant wont be interested. The majority of web traffic occurs on mobile devices so having an easy registration process that participants can use on their mobile device is crucial.
  1. It’s all about strategy. Develop a marketing strategy and invest staff time to properly manage the program. Organization staff should be committed to answering participant questions, preparing and executing communication campaigns.
  1. Streamline registration. Look at your registration questions and ensure that they align with the DIY program. If you are asking about education or bequests, you are creating additional barriers to registration — and distracting from the original intent of the constituent.

DIY events don’t run themselves and they are not the easiest events either, but with this benchmark report you can gain the knowledge and confidence you need to pull off an amazing event. Download our Tools For Success Benchmark Report for more recommendations and learn how your organization can increase your DIY program’s registration conversion rate.