If you have made a donation, you have probably seen some sort of employer matching option on the form. But have you ever stopped to consider exactly what happens after you enter your company’s name in the Employer field and click “Submit?”

At Charity Dynamics, we recently had the opportunity to work with a service that we want to share with you. DonateDouble bills itself as “the only end-to-end employer matching solution for nonprofits” and describes its service as unique compared to other matching companies because they actively drive the match process.

DonateDouble – Employer Matching Solution from Donate Double on Vimeo.

In a nutshell, the process looks like this:

  1. Donor enters his or her employer’s name in the donation form while making the donation.
  2. Donor completes and submits a form to the employer or logs in to the company intranet to submit the match request.
  3. Company processes the match on their own timeline according to their own policies.

The benefits of DonateDouble’s service apply to every step of the process. While the donor is entering his or her employer’s name on the donation form, he or she simply chooses from a pre-populated list, eliminating any guesswork related to exactly how the name of the company should be recorded. When it’s time for the donor to complete a form or submit a request on the company intranet, DonateDouble helps them along by providing detailed instructions and pre-populating form data and requesting e-signatures. And once the match request has been submitted by the donor, DonateDouble’s online portal makes it easy for the nonprofit to track the match’s status.

Technical implementation

Using DonateDouble’s API, we can pre-populate the “Employer” field on your donation form to include a list of all of the companies that offer donation matching, making it much easier for your donors to identify whether or not their employer does so. Our implementation used auto-complete functionality within a basic text field, but a pre-populated select menu is also an option.

In addition to pre-populating the Employer field on your donation form, DonateDouble’s API sends the details of the donation from the confirmation page to DonateDouble’s online portal. This initiates the donation matching process and grants the nonprofit the ability to track the match until it is complete.

Please have a look at our DonateDouble integration on the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s primary donation form and check back here soon for details regarding the effect that DonateDouble’s functionality has on the number of matching donations. And please let us know if you’re interested in discussing a DonateDouble integration project of your own.