When it comes to peer-to-peer fundraising, there are all different types of events that can help your organization reach its goal. Walk events have always been popular and the Walk Registration Benchmark report we recently released showcases how to optimize the registration process for walk events. For the ‘Endurance’ category of peer-to-peer, events can range from triathlons and bicycle rides, to an emerging field of climbing, skiing and other physical challenges.

This might sound like a lot of work to pull off but don’t sweat it! The event experience begins for a participant with the organization’s website long before the actual event takes place. Engaging web visitors with easy to navigate website and streamlined registration process is crucial to converting visitors to into actual participants.

The Race to Success – Endurance Registra­tion Benchmark measures 5 key metrics organizations can track against to determine how successful their website performs attracting visitors to complete registration.


Endurance Reg


Here are 3 recommendations from our report that will help to improve your endurance program

  1. Question your registration’s questions. Go through the list of questions being asked during registration and determine if they can be asked later on during a ‘re­commitment’ period or asked by your coaches. Also make sure you are using all questions that you ask for getting value from the information. Every additional question is a barrier to completing registration.
  1. Limit the number of participation options you are asking participants to choose from. Less is more. Many participants after deciding they want to register for an event get overwhelmed by the number of choices in this step and instead choose to not register at all.
  1. Stay competitive with other organizations by understanding what makes your program unique, while also learning from what other organizations are doing. Consider if trends in premiums, digital tools, fees or other event details will help boost your program.

Endurance events come in all shapes and sizes but the key to making your event successful is by understanding the participants’ experience. If your organization’s registration process is easy to navigate and engaging to participants you are one step (or peddle) closer to creating a successful experience; and in turn, a successful event.

Download The Race to Success – Endurance Registration Benchmark to learn more!